Hello my lovelies!

Welcome to my blog! I decided to create this blog on impulse after thinking on it for a long time. My lovely friend helped me set up and get started with all the features, he deserves credit, I would be entirely lost without him! I created this blog for multiple purposes, to discuss beauty, fashion and my never-ending love of books! I aim to encourage others to read and write as much as possible, your imagination is a true gift which should be used and treasured. I am open to general discussion on all genres and would love some good recommendations, although, I would love to be able to eventually publish my own manuscript. As well as this, this blog shall be used to help promote and encourage women of all ages to support each other. I have heard too many sad stories about women berating each other, we should be supporting and helping each others confidence to grow and accomplish everything we dream of.

Have a great day my lovelies!

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