Is it true….

by TheAspiringAuthor

About Benefits mascara ‘They’re real!’

yes, Yes, YES! It is so very true! Here’s why;

Trailing through mountains of mascaras claiming to be ‘de-clumpable’ has taken a considerable amount of time. Standing in front of the cosmetics counter at my local store, nothing seemed appealing. I had previously settled for a Estee Lauder mini mascara, but to no avail. As I turned to leave the store, I could swear it called my name all the while sitting on top of the counter top. I walked over slowly, and picked it up, it literally felt like I was picking up gold…
I had previously heard good reviews and so I brought it on impulse. Best decision I ever made! This is now a firm contender in my handbag, I haven’t even wanted to try anything else. It doesn’t clump my lashes at all, isn’t heavy on them either. Can be tricky to take off but is so worth it! There is no fallout underneath my eyes, which is a bonus! Too many times I have found other mascaras gave me panda eyes from the fallout, but this lasts all day! (Around 12 hours, longest I have worn it for)

Currently priced at £19.50 in most cosmetics stores, it is a reasonable price for the quality in my opinion. Let me know what you all think!

Thanks for reading my lovelies!

Benefit mascara