It was a sad day…

by TheAspiringAuthor

When I found out about Benefit removing the fragrance ‘So Hooked On Carmella.’ A frequent favourite of mine, not a day went by that I didn’t have a whiff of it. As I ran dry of my first bottle, I asked for a bottle as part of my Christmas present. A few days before that lovely event, my ever positive Mum sat me down for some devastating news, a lady in one of the department stores they visited had told her they were removing it! As my jaw hit the floor, I vowed to never buy from Benefit again…I might add to no avail. (Can’t stay away from one of my favourite brands!) Anyway, they had searched for it and they found it was out of stock everywhere! I kept my last bottle as a keepsake, vowing to never throw it away. (Dedication to a bit of perfume, don’t you think?)

As the seasons changed it came to the month of love, otherwise known as February! My parents jetted off to celebrate in the big apple, the lovely New York! (Cue Alicia keys to start singing) I asked if they would pick me up a medium brown bag from Bloomingdales and in return I would pay for it. I got home from work and they presented me with my lovely shiny new bag! At this point my eyes were shining like stars, but then they told me to look inside. Inside the medium brown there was a small brown bag…at this point I was waiting for Narnia to open up to me. Inside the little bag was the one and only Benefit perfume! I couldn’t contain my excitement and managed to drop a glass of water over me, but nothing could shake my excitement!

About an hour later, another small brown bag appeared in front of me, by now I had stopped hyperventilating. My mind was wandering, what an earth was in this bag?

Can you guess? Yes! It was yet another bottle of my favourite perfume! I was rapidly nearing the state of spontaneous combustion and the risk of ruining another top. I now apologise to the lovers of this perfume, as I now owned the last two bottles in New York. I haven’t used either as I am too scared of them running out. With saying that, I am quite surprised there hasn’t been a riot yet, but I am most certainly aware of the uproar that has been created about the cancellation of this product. So beauty lovers everywhere, please help me spread the message to get Benefit to bring back their most loved perfume!!

Thanks for reading my lovelies!