Rescued at Midnight

by TheAspiringAuthor

Alina sat in her Victorian style cottage nestling a coffee by an open fire. The different flame shades fought each other as they bit away at the wooden logs she had cut down two weeks previous. She curled up into a ball oblivious to the howling wind rattling her windows. Her thoughts had drifted off to her husband, Evan. He had been missing for three everlasting years. She allowed herself a single tear to create a river down her cheek at the thought of him. She yearned for his tender touch to caress her cheek as her thoughts were greedy in want for him. She wanted to brush her delicate hand through his blond curls and to drown thoughts in the oceanic pools of his eyes. The gust of air that had thrust open her window brought her out of her reverie. She jumped up allowing her coffee to escape over the rim of her mug. She rushed to the window forcing it shut with all the strength she managed to muster. She bolted it shut just like she had her heart. She collapsed onto the floor feeling out of place in her home. A few minutes later she retrieved a cloth from the sink and drifted ghostly towards the stain on the pine wood flooring. She gently scrubbed the floor as she had her mind days after Evan disappeared. She brought herself up gracefully and headed back towards the sink. The water discoloured after she ran her cloth under it, a murky brown filled the sink. Her life had been dull for three years and she had brought it on herself. She had made herself alone when she blocked off her need for human contact. As she glanced up she caught her lover’s reflection in the window. The image had retrieved the words in her mouth and turned them into dust. Her emerald eyes flickered for a few seconds before she lifted a fragile hand up onto the window to touch him. She craved the softness of his peachy skin. As she reached the iciness of the window the wind stole him from her along with the only feeling she had in years. Alina slapped herself mentally before heading towards the bedroom they once shared. She swapped her lemon coloured scoop neck maxi dress for a mid-length midnight blue silk nightdress. Minutes later she sat down at her dresser. She stared mindlessly into the mirror searching for answers she knew she wouldn’t find. She shifted her focus to the music box she had received the Christmas before her life disappeared along with her love. She opened it slowly careful not to damage the fabric. She remembered the day Evan gave it to her, she had been standing by the raging fire reminiscing all the memories they had shared together. He had dashed through the front door clutching the box at his thigh as though it carried treasure. He had it made and they were the couple dancing to the music as they had at their wedding. Those memories were now filled with a void of nothing and the treasure she filled it with lay there collecting dust. She turned the box around to the back and fiddled with the key making the happy couple turn to the music. She smiled faintly at the recognition of the music but she didn’t allow herself to think of their happy day. She felt guilty being happy without him, they were to be happy together. She left it running as she went to lay on the bed snuggling into the lilac satin which covered the pillow and quilt. She wrapped herself up like a parcel and sat in the centre of the feathered bed. She stared off into the living room waiting for the door to open as she had for the past years. Alina sometimes lost hope that he would come home but still she waited for him. She was still sitting there when the doorknob rattled. She jumped and dived to the door and flung it open to be thrown back onto the floor with a gale of wind. Unfazed she jumped up and launched herself across the field in front of her cottage.
“Evan!” she screamed repeatedly. She stopped short of the cliff and dropped onto the clamminess of the grass. Her fall wasn’t cushioned and she smacked her head on the rocks which had been thrown about like a rag doll by the gale.
“I don’t want to be the meaning of my name, I don’t want to be alone.” She cried before closing her eyes. She lay there a few minutes before her heart started to pump faster than it had in years. She hadn’t felt the sensation since Evan was gone. She forced open her lids and sat up in search for him. Before long she stared up into the radiance of the moon and started wishing. It came true, she could feel his arms around her waist hugging her to his cold muscular body. She rested her head back onto his shoulder and let out a sigh.
“You came back.” She smiled with contempt and snuggled closer to him. She stared up into his eyes and noticed the change. She was dazed and couldn’t bring herself to question why his eyes had turned a blood red. She felt complete at last after what felt like eternity. “Please don’t leave me again.” She begged mindlessly. He soothingly placed two fingers on her lips to quieten her. He closed her lids lightly and caressed her pale lips. “What’s the time Evan?” She asked.
“Midnight sweetheart.” He replied. “And don’t worry we’ll be together for eternity, just sleep for now we’ll talk when you awaken.”
As she rest on his shoulder she felt him brush aside her chocolate curls and a tingling sensation occurred down her neck. She mumbled before she blackened wondering in what way had she been rescued at midnight.

Previously published work, hope you enjoyed and thank for reading my lovelies!

Copyright © 2011 Megan Flowers