Pride and Pleasure Review

by TheAspiringAuthor

For some reason I was compelled to have a cup of Earl Grey tea and wear a knitted cardigan while I sat and read this book. I have to admit I struggled to get through this book at the beginning, I felt I had aged considerably and not in a good way. If you can make it past the first 100 pages, then all is good from there onwards. I actually then started to feel an edge of excitement! It became much more interesting, I took it to the gym to read as I worked out, at this point I couldn’t put it down. There were some twists and turns but most was guessable. If your looking for a book to help you sleep, I would certainly recommend you read the first 100 pages…or a few even. Will be a while before I resort back to reading anything by Sylvia Day.

Overall, am a bit disappointed, have certainly read greater novels from herself. Thanks for reading my lovelies!



pride and pleasure