Encountered at Midnight

by TheAspiringAuthor

Faith felt her heart tear into petite fragments when her boyfriend, Kai, was forced to fight in the war overseas. She could still remember the day he had told her, they were lying in bed and she was snuggled in his arms.  His hand was knotted in her charcoal shaded ringlets, his burly arm draped over her back. Her fingertips traced designs lightly on his chest as she nestled closer into his neck. Once he broke the news to her, her tears created a waterfall down both of her rosy cheeks and stained her lilac silk nightdress. Kai held her close and comforted her as she fell asleep. She clung to him when the day arrived that he was being sent off, they embraced passionately before he boarded the plane. Many months later and Faith feared Kai may never return. The conflict overseas had created conflict with her heart, she attended the local church where many other females’ who’s husbands and partners had been sent away. Each heartbroken woman sobbed rivers of tears as they were told that there was yet again no contact with their loved ones. Faith became infuriated that they weren’t allowed contact or if they did it was just a mere letter, she wanted to be able to see the oceanic pools of Kai’s eyes and the chestnut curls of his hair. She wanted to be able to trace the curve of his raspberry lips and stroke his tanned cheeks. Once she arrived home after seeing the devastation the war had caused she was determined to put a stop to it and to have the other half of her soul return to her. Once she woke up the next morning she changed into a deep purple kimono maxi dress and started work on her campaign. Five hours later the women of the village had gathered in the church and prayed for their dearest. Once Faith had finished her prayers she stared up into the stain glass and marvelled at the beauty of the shades and wondered if here prayers had been answered. It was apparent two days later when the weeping of a loved one was outside her window. She comforted the distraught woman which gave her motivation for her project. She invited the woman inside and told her about her task to which she was contented to help. By the end of the week there was a sisterhood dedicated to bringing home their spouses. They met three times a week in the local church where they prayed and carried on with their assignment. At the end of the month Faith and her entourage had completed their campaign and the end result was positive. She curled up into a ball and awaited the news for when Kai would return. After a few hours staring out onto the front lawn her morale decreased and she wondered why it was taking so long. She lit the open fire and nestled into a navy cotton blanket parallel to it while gazing into the fighting flames. She drifted off only to be woken a few hours later by the storm which had attacked the tiny town. The force of the gale had broken her front window and blown out the fire resulting in her being surrounded in darkness. She shrieked in agony and frustration at what was happening, she wanted Kai, she wanted the light restored in her life. As she gathered herself she forced her mind into sense and gathered on a black military coat and headed out into the wildness which was her territory. The liveliness of the wind nearly knocked her of her feet as she gripped the fence with all the vigour she could muster.  Her hood was swept backwards and her hair whipped across her face blinding her. As she struggled across the damp greenery beneath her she headed in the direction of the lighthouse. Once she arrived she pounded on the pine wood door and screeched out for someone to let her in. She waited huddled up against the stone before she collapsed to the ground beneath her as no one answered her call. She bawled as she lay on the undergrowth wishing she never ventured out of her home as she succumbed to darkness.

The velvety texture of the sheets below her twisted around her legs as she turned over. Faith awoke to the smell of cookery; she bolted upright into the sitting position before regretting it instantly as her head start to pound with searing pain. She flopped back and rested her head on the pillow before she surveyed her environment. She was at home, she cast her memory back to what had happened and found she couldn’t remember. As she sat up slowly Kai waltzed into the room carrying a silver tray. His chestnut hair flopped over the left side of his face and his pearly white smile was visible between his cherry lips.

“Finally awake.” He commented before placing the tray on her lap. He joined her quickly on the bed as she ate some toast. She looked at him mystified and poked his forehead to see if it was a figment of her imagination. To her delight it was reality and she jumped on him ignoring the throbbing in her head. They laughed the sound of music before they snuggled together once again. She questioned him on what had happened and wondered why she had attempted to get into the lighthouse. She was revealed to know that he was the one who had found her after her neighbours had seen her depart on her midnight trek. As Kai got back up to go and finish his breakfast Faith sat there pondering why anyone had to deal with the devastation of war and what she could do to prevent it from happening again.

Copyright © 2012 Megan Flowers