Is it possible to like both…?

by TheAspiringAuthor

I have recently been as many times is it possible to have a passion for both books and beauty? My answer…yes…Yes…YES!!! Both have their own stereotypes, which is utter nonsense to myself and perhaps many others. To start with, both clothes, beauty, books and writing give a person a chance to express themselves the way they want to. You can experiment with each and the end product doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. With both come unexpected surprised, both good and bad. I admit I discovered my passion for books first. I was around twelve I believe,  everyone in my family was on holiday to Lowestoft and we happened to pop into Waterstones. The scent of a bookshop is one I truly love, I cannot properly describe it as it is personal to myself. Everyone had brought a book except myself. I was interested in books when I was younger but my interest had waned, until my dad told me we would search for something I would like. Behold, I discovered the Twilight collection…(Don’t hold it against me!) I was so excited after buying the first two, I rushed back the next day and brought the third. I believe I then pre-ordered the fourth book from the store and had it sent to my home address. I finished the collection in around three days…and I was hooked! Everytime I got the chance, I would head on to Waterstones and scour the shelves to find my next reading fix. It was my own world and my imagination took advantage of what I read. I learnt knowledge I hadn’t expected to all while having fun. To this day, my bedroom is covered in books as there is no more room for a bookshelf, therefore, all stacked up as high as I can reach! (Not tall! Am only small!) Even though I am nineteen, the thought of someone throwing away or putting my books in the loft is enough to make me throw a paddy. (Just joking! Maybe…)

When I turned sixteen, I  ‘discovered’ the world of beauty and make-up. I was aware of it before but it wasn’t important to me and I didn’t want to look like I had jumped out of a bag of Wotsits…(Cheetos for everyone else!) I gently found my way through and learnt from my friends and sisters about how to apply ect. I was on the train a few days ago and I overheard a small group discussing beauty and intelligence. It was like a great divide! Two said they went together and the other two said they should stay miles apart! It got me thinking, why on earth can’t both be brought together! Just because I like buying nice clothes, expressing and giving myself confidence doesn’t mean I cannot love my imagination or read books where vampires sparkle! It has nagged at me a lot, the stereotype of someone loving books as being bland should be demolished! Neither should someone who likes beauty be labeled as an airhead.

So my message is, yes, you can love both because I sure do. No one is going to stop me enjoying two things I adore, others shall either have to accept it or just ignore it. I freely label myself as a beauty loving bookworm, I hope others can too!

Sorry for my long post! Have a fantastic day my lovelies and thank you for reading!