Outfit Of The Day!

by TheAspiringAuthor

Once again it was blistering weather today, I lathered myself in sun lotion before I headed to my wardrobe to choose what to wear. Although I have many clothes, daily I face the dilemma of having nothing to wear (Pray I am not the only one!) I settled on this salmon coloured dress from Michael Kors. It has collected dust in my wardrobe for a while now, so I thought why not?! So without further ado! Dress from Michael Kors. It reminds me of a Grecian dress, makes me feel so exotic when I wear it! grecian michael kors   Michael Kors bag! My new favourite, cannot stop stroking it! (Bit weird I know…Don’t judge!)     Screenshot_47   I brought these shoes from New Look last month. It is the first time I have worn them since I brought them, they were so comfy! They are not as high as they look in this picture, I can’t get a good angle with me wearing them! The only negative, in this sunny weather I will have two different shades decorating my foot!   white new look wedges   Hope you enjoyed reading, have a great day my lovelies!