I have a serious addiction…

by TheAspiringAuthor

to candles! I adore anything that smells good, not sure why but I have a scent issue. Two of my favourite candles from Yankee Candle sold out before I was able to repurchase them! Considering I burn them whenever I am home they do last an incredible amount of time! Secretly, I am jealous of men’s aftershave, it always smells so good. It would be a lie if some guy never walked past and smelled incredibly sexy…and you just wanted to jump on him… Anyway, back onto the topic of candles, I recently found them on Amazon! I was so excited I literally jumped up and down like a child. I love their sweet scent and cannot wait to burn them! The two I purchased;

Merry Marshmallow – I love the packaging! It is adorable and it smells so sweet!


Christmas Cookie – The packaging isn’t as cute but is smells delightful and creamy!



I could have spent my money more wisely, but these are my guilty pleasures! Have a great day all!