Real Techniques!

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hi all!

I have been searching for a long time for good quality brushes to apply my make-up. I have used both drug store brands and designer brands. I was recommended to try the Real Techniques brushes, I was a little dubious about it so I thought on it. About a month ago I took my twin on an all expenses paid shopping trip to congratulate her on her first year finished at university. She was picking up some concealer in boots and I headed to look at the brushes. I was intrigued by the colours so I brought the brushes on impulse! (I adore the colours! Note to self: Don’t impulse things that are colourful.)  Anyway, I got home and I was incredibly excited to try them! I removed my make-up and tore open the pack. The brushes were very soft, I pulled a few times but got no stray bristles! I used my N07 foundation and it was like a dream! Never had I had such a flawless finish from using a brush. I haven’t strayed from using this and it is now a firm contender in my reachable’s pot. None of the bristles have fallen out and it is very easy to clean! I really do recommend this as they aren’t that expensive and are great quality.



Have a great day my lovelies!