The Truth About Food and Health

by TheAspiringAuthor

So, I am all for healthy eating. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a takeaway and fast food but once I have eaten it, I feel rather sick and disgusting within myself. These past few months I have invested in a gym membership and I complete a forty minute routine five days a week. I have noticed that  I feel a lot better within myself and I don’t have cravings for ‘bad food.’ I set myself a test, I refrained from going to the gym for two weeks. Worst mistake I ever made! I now feel like I have gained a lot of weight, although there is not a difference in my clothing size. I feel mentally and physically worse off than I did before. So I have set myself the challenge of getting back into the gym and heading back to where I was before. At one stage, I thought people were crazy to be sweating down the gym, but secretly I was too afraid to go. So starting Monday, I am back in the gym sweating buckets and looking forward to feeling good again. I did struggle to eat healthily, but the truth is, eat sensible and workout. You can enjoy the food you like, but just have a small workout and it makes a world of difference! I am not preaching for people to start a gym, I am just sharing my experience. I recently came across an article which showed the contents of your stomach after eating a fast food cheeseburger. I felt rather disgusting that my stomach would look like that, but here is the video for yourself to judge;

Warning, disgusting content, carry on at your own risk!

Have a great day all!