Products For The Other Gender?

by TheAspiringAuthor

Lately, I have found myself wondering about certain products I use. As I tend to rush to the gym once I have finished work and my errands for the day, I always keep a bottle of deodorant in my car. I find I have fluttered through countless bottles, still I have not found the right one. The closest I came to was the Nivea Pearl, then, catastrophe! I woke up one morning and the deodorant in both my car and home were empty. Cue the waterworks, I don’t feel hygienic if I haven’t got any on. I was the only person at home so there wasn’t a chance to ask to borrow any or if a new one had been misplaced. Then behold, sitting on the shelf in all its glory…my dads deodorant. I have to admit I stood there staring at it for a while, I thought could I get away with it? Let’s face it, I was in a panic and I was being unrealistic. Basically, I put it on. Best decision ever…I loved the scent of it! There is something about men’s smelly’s that is incredibly appealing! To my surprise, it worked wonders! Out I chucked the empty cans and placed the holy grail on my work surface. I have to say, I placed it down with a bump feeling the like the bottle off the Cillit Bang advert.

So that got me thinking even more, what other products do men use that are better than women’s? The most obvious? A shaving razor! I don’t mind waxing or shaving but sometimes I need the quickness of it, I do like my razor, but I thought, why not test a men’s one?! So feeling a bit self conscious I went out and brought one…Best decision ever! (Is that getting old?) It worked standards higher than the blade I have previously been using. So, this leaves me pondering the question, why aren’t women’s products up to the standard of the men’s?

Anyway, I shall be buying their razors and deodorants for a little while longer!

Have a great day my lovelies!