The Student Life?

by TheAspiringAuthor

Is student life all it is cracked up to be? I feel constantly under pressure to be the stereotypical student that is plastered around these days. Although, I have a year to wait (hopefully!) I constantly get asked if I am going to live in halls and experience the best time of my life. Now, I won’t deny that university life is probably the best years of a considerable amount of people, but, I know I shall not be one of them. It seems to be a taboo subject, when I say I am living at home and still will work while I study, the look on their face is like I have slapped them! Pure utter disgust that the thought I want to be in comfort and at home seems to astound people. I have considered the pros and cons of student life, but I find I am edging towards my home life. I will still attend my lectures and put an extreme amount of hard work into it. Do I now get classed as a mature student? Might I add, I am only nineteen….

My twin came home for summer break and I heard all these stories and to be honest, I would not like to be in some of the situations. We went shopping for some dinner, she picked up a bag of rice noodles and dough balls while I opted for a lasagne. Cue her shock; “How much did you pay for that lasagne?!” She screamed at me. While her ‘meal’ amounted to the total of £3 mine was a hearty lasagne worth £6. Then came the onslaught of ‘you can tell which one of us is a student.’ So I think to myself, do I really want to stay in a tiny box room, with not a lot of space to be creative, to decorate I might add. You’re not even allowed to put blu tack on the walls! Do I want to risk being vomited or urinated on? No, I do not. Do I want to be woken up to the uncontained excitement and screaming pleasure of my flatmate? No, I definitely do not. So, now, I am content with saying to myself, I will be a student, but, I shall be a student my way. Will I get up at 6 o’clock to sit in the rush hour to make it to lectures? Yes, I shall. Will I be exhausted working and studying with little time to socialise? Yes, I shall. Will I continue to eat proper meals and even pay £6 for a lasagne? Yes, I shall!

Not everyone is the same, so I look forward to starting and experiencing life as a student on my terms. I will still get involved in clubs and events, but I won’t be crawling back on my hands and knees to my room. Please feel free to tell me what you think and about your experiences! Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day my lovelies!