Human Decency vs Road Rage

by TheAspiringAuthor

Over the fast few weeks I have been contemplating whether or not human decency has been thrown out the window. I have been raised with what now is classed as ‘old school’ values. I do not believe the past tense should be used, I personally believe all parents have the responsibility to raise their children to have common sense and human decency. I have found this to be lacking lately, whether it is in the street as I am driving around. People seems to have no control over themselves, they use vulgar language and have no respect. So, what brought on this post?

Yesterday, I was involved in what I class as a car accident. I was driving up a hill (I had right of way) and a Mini shot out of a turning. I had to swerve to not have a head on collision. This resulted in me hitting a van (which was stationary), I am still not sure if this was reckless or not. I had to do a hill start, which I am awful at. I was being sworn at and people blasted their horns in anger. My car jolted forward and hit the van, I pressed too hard on the accelerator (I panicked!) I ended up shattering my wheel arch and bent my suspension. I froze and burst out into tears. At this point everyone was stunned and staring at me with opened mouths, it was eerily quiet I might add. The gentleman who was in the Mini had parked up and came running over to help me. I was in the middle of the road, I was too scared to move, my car was making an atrocious noise. I have only been driving five months so I have to say I was scared beyond relief! Another gentleman parked his van and reversed my car for me, it was now tucked away on the side of the road. The guy in the Mini was apologising profusely, his girlfriend was consoling me and I was standing there a blubbering wreck! The gentleman then proceeded to help me with everyone. He helped me find the postcode, what street I was on and instructed me what to say. After they left, I had the sudden realisation I looked like a panda. My family arrived and we waited two and a half hours for the tow truck. As he was trying to reverse to get my car on, the amount of impatient and rude people swearing at him for trying to help me.

It leads me to think, when people are in their cars, they feel invincible. In their little bubble, they seem to lose any shred of self-respect for themselves or others. The gentleman who helped me gives me a small amount of hope that there are some nice genuine souls out there. For the others, karma comes back around, they will soon experience the same.

Have a lovely day my lovelies!