Taking The Plunge?

by TheAspiringAuthor

So here I am, baking some shortbread, contemplating my action on Saturday. I took the plunge…yes, I tried a spray tan…I purely wanted to see what it was like and just the general experience. I didn’t go for the orange or cake look, just a gentle bronze. 

I was late to my appointment, but all was well! I went in and she started to explain, I felt very comfortable and listened intently. She left me to get dressed, so off I went putting up my hair under the shower cap. I stripped to my underwear (I refused the black thong like underwear) and waited for her to return. She came in and switched on the fan, and then came out the contraption which I can only call a hair dryer…

I stood in a lot of different positions, I have to say I felt quite exposed while she was spraying and whipping this hair dryer around my body. Once she finished she advised me and told me how to maintain ‘the look.’ 

I popped off to meet some friends, it wasn’t too bad until one told me I had a line across my neck, I felt like I resembled a tramp. Low and behold Sunday morning arrived, I jumped into the shower and what can only be described as some distorted version of tropicana flowed down the plug. 

I completed my routine and I came out a gorgeous bronze colour! To my confusion, it only lasted three days! I was furious! Having paid a decent amount to have it done professionally, I would have thought it would last longer. All I can say is, I would much rather be pasty, ghost girl for eternity than waste my time and money looking like a sunburnt zebra…

Yay for being pale! Have a wonderful day my lovelies!