First Impression – Seventeen Lip/Cheek Tint

by TheAspiringAuthor

Having been asked to do a first impressions of this, I am quite intrigued. I haven’t tried anything from the Seventeen range before so this will give me a slight insight to the quality of the range. The two colours were Perky Pink and Coral Crush, I picked up the Perky Pink. 

It is a rather small tube, perfect to pop in your handbag if you’re on the go. The black plastic tubing on the end is easy to pull off. On opening the product, there is a soft white sponge. I used the sponge to swipe some of the product over my cheek, I would advise using a brush or the sponge to blend the product into the cheeks, as it stains for a long time! It has a loose gel consistency as it comes out of the tube, it is a reddish colour. On application it is a nice rose pink! The downside is that the scent smells like the inside on a new polished car (unless you like that scent!)

On application to the lips…I would avoid! I cannot see how this product can be used on the lips, it doesn’t give any colour pay off on my lips and tastes rather disgusting! (Don’t eat it like I accidentally did!) I find it awful if applied to my lips, I would just stick with the cheeks on this one!

Is worth £4.99 I believe, in my opinion it isn’t really worth it. It does last a long time when on my cheeks, but I can find similar products for better value and quality. My score is 2/5. 

Have a great day my lovelies! 

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