New Mac Mineralize Collection: Eyes Swatches

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hello my lovelies!

Here are the swatches for the new MAC mineralize collection for your eyes! Hope you enjoy!


1.) Charged Black


Single Eyeshadow

1.) Gilt By Association

gilt by association



2.) Smutty Green

smutty green


3.) Blue Flame

blue flame


4.) Young Punk

young punk


5.) Cinderfella



Eye Shadow Quad

1.) In The Meadow

green In the meadow


2.) Golden Hours

gold golden hours

3.) Pink Sensibilities

pinkpink sensibilities 

4.) Great Beyond

purplegreat beyond 

5.) Fog & Mist

blue fog & mist


Eye Shadow Duo

1.) Dual Rays

dual rays mini dual rays

2.) Spiced Metal

spiced metal mini Spiced metal

3.) Joy & Laughter

joy and laughter mini joy and laughter

4.) Love Connection

love connection mini love connection

5.) Ever Amethyst

ever amethyst mini ever amethyst

Hope you have a great day my lovelies!