Quiz Clothing Haul

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hello my lovelies!

I thought I would share with you what I brought recently from quizclothing.com! I got 15% off as I am a student, every little helps! Without further ado!

First off was this pink flower kimono, I am a huge fan of these! I have to admit though, I am not a fan of tassels, so I cut them off! I just love the detail on the front, it hangs well and is a beautiful tone of pink.

pink flower kimono


This purple flower print kimono caught my attention with the gorgeous floral design. Once again, I cut off the tassels, but other than that it is stunning!


purple kimono


I adore these boots! I think I shall wear them with light blue skinny jeans, I haven’t decided yet. The lace detail is what sold me on them! Am excited to wear them!

pink lace boots


This top is incredibly pretty, I adore the bows at the back as they are very sweet. The front is a tiny bit too sheer for my taste so I think I will wear a strappy top underneath. 


 pink frontpink back


This sparkling butterfly top shines beautifully in the light. A lady came into work wearing one and I knew I had to buy one!


white butterfly


I have a thing for sparkly earrings! I couldn’t resist this pair, they dazzle and  look lovely!

waterfull earrings


I am not a fan of wearing rose/yellow gold jewellery, but this pair I found to be adorable and dainty. I look forward to wearing  these!

bow earrings



I hope you all enjoyed, have a great day my lovelies!