Book Series Of The Month!

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hello my lovelies!
I have been engrossed with the Lara Adrian series, I simply cannot put her books down! I get such an enjoyment out of them, I even read them in the gym! I done some research and I found a new series by J R Ward! It is called The Black Dagger Brotherhood! Now I have to say, it is very graphic. This is in the form of sexual scenes, swearing and gore. But if you can put up with that, then I highly recommend! I won’t indulge further as I don’t want to give a spoiler! If there is one series you buy this month, make it this one! 

I have to admit, I have become obsessed with paranormal romance, vampires and everything dark within books. It is like another world which I can get lost it, and I love it when I do!

Have a great day my lovelies!

dark lover