Eyeliner: Drug store versus High End

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hello all!

I have been thinking about doing a comparison on items of make-up for quite a while now. When I was younger I wasn’t able to afford some of the products I treat myself to now. I did not earn enough to break even so I had to have a few sacrifices, like most people. This got me thinking, are ‘high end’ make-up really that much better than ones you can get from a drug store? So here I am, writing this post to establish whether or not this is true (in my opinion!) My answer or decision may not reflect everyone’s view but, this is mine. First off, I have only just gotten back into wearing eyeliner. I struggle to put products near my eyes, this all stems back to when I was little. I was around seven years old, and my neighbour wanted to try and experiment with make-up. (You can already imagine what I am going to say!) She was testing out some mascara on me, here I might add, never share your mascara! For hygiene reasons, it is best not to as they can spread infections and I wouldn’t want anyone to experience that! Anyway, she poked me in the eye with the wand, I rushed to the bathroom and washed it all out, but I have been scarred by that for over ten years now. Having mustered the courage to try out my eyeliner, I picked up a range of versions. I brought a pencil, creamstick, cream pot and a liquid liner. I picked all of those up from a drug store, I could not get used to any except the pencil. The high end product I picked up was a thin version of a pencil and creamstick merged together, this one was from Clinique. So today, the ones I am comparing are;

Drug store:

Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour Eye Pencil

khol and contour black

So to start with, the Bourjois, I got in the shade Ultra Black. I like the sleek design, it doesn’t get dusty or mucky easily like most products with the same coating. I was shocked at how easy it was to apply to my top lid. I gave it one coat to help lift the effect of my mascara. I went on smoothly and it did not make my eyes water as I applied. (A bonus!) When I blinked, I found it transferred on to my waterline at the bottom of my lid. I found this fantastic as I didn’t have to put it on twice. If I wanted a darker coat then I could add more to the bottom if I could. Although it was a pencil, it was fluid and gave great colour pay off. It stayed on for around four hours before it started to smudge down beneath my eyelid. The one thing I did not like, was that it would gather into goo my by tear duct. I was not impressed by that!  It was easy to take off with my make-up remover for eyes. For £4.99, I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with this product.

High End

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes


For the Clinique, I brought the shade Really Black. I don’t mind the design, it just reminds me of a clinic (weird, I know!) It has sponge tip on one end to smudge the liner, if you’re looking to create a smoky eye look. The other end, you have the actual liner. You need to twist it to get the product out of the tube, you have to be careful as if you raise it too much, it breaks off. (Common sense I guess!) The packaging is rather flimsy, the plastic tube with the product in, broke! I thought it could be more stable considering the price you’re paying. I had to put a lot of effort into getting the product onto my waterline, both bottom and top. Once it was on, I have to say it is a lovely colour which compliments the eyes. It is smooth once you have used it a few times, but, the plus it that when on the waterline, it lasts over eight hours! That was one thing I was very impressed with! It stayed on very well! I did not need to keep re-applying it throughout the day, which is a bonus! (Nobody got time for that!) It is easy to get off with a make-up remover, either liquid or wipe. A bonus it that it did not form into goo by my tear duct! At £15.00, I expected more from the product. I like that it stays on for so long, but it is a shame about the packaging. 

In this instance, I like both products, but the drug store one wins! Bourjois Paris Khol and Contour Eye Pencil is my favourite out of the two! I do hope this helps! Have a great day my lovelies!