New Yankee Candle: Halloween Collection

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hello all!

Yankee Candle have released their collection for Halloween! Yes, it is that time of year when we carve our pumpkins and hand out packets of sweets to devilish miscreants! I like Halloween, carving a pumpkin was a favourite of my Grandad, (yes, that is how I spell it.)

I have heard countless stories of how Halloween came to be, but, as long as it is paranormal and mystical…I will love it! It is actually the day after my birthday. Now, I have to distinguish my love for the day. I adore the happiness it bring to others and the excitement of pumpkins but, I was brought up to see trick-or-treating as a form of begging. So, I don’t celebrate the sweets side, but I do celebrate the spookiness of it.

Here are the scents:

Ghostly Treats

This one is my favourite! It actually reminds me of the Christmas scent ‘Merry Marshmallow!’ I love the packaging and it smells like marshmallows! S’mores, anyone?

Ghostly Treats

Witches Brew: This is more of a spicy scent, I like the effect in the evening as the light shines through making a ghostly effect. I find this has a hint of patchouli, so if you like that, then this is the one for you!

Witches Brew

Candy Corn

Candy Corn is a rather unusual scent, or at least I think so. It reminds me of sweeties but also a hint of orange and cinnamon. I cannot decide on whether I like it or not, so I will continue to burn it until I become enlightened.

Candy Corn

All three of these scents come in medium jars, tea lights, melts or votives. Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you like the spooky scents!