OOTD Christmas Edition!

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hello my lovelies!

Considering I will not be on tomorrow, I am excited to spend the day with my family! I have everything wrapped and prepared, so bright and early I will be visiting my Grandmother to start cooking our Christmas dinner. All of the presents are under the tree, so I have a guilty admittance…I looked for all the ones with my name on! I know I shouldn’t, but, I had a feel to try and guess what I got. To no avail, I do it every year. By now my family has learnt of my excitement and have wrapped them in different boxes to conceal the contents! I have pre-made my pain au chocolat, ready for the oven in the morning. I am incredibly excited for the roast dinner and the chocolate fountain for dessert, but, most of all, I am enjoying the spirit of Christmas! A very Merry Christmas to you all!

I have to say, I am a huge supporter of wearing dresses! I feel so feminine and girly, I am not too keen on trousers. (Can feel the suffragettes turning in their grave.) I don’t have a problem with them, I just feel empowered wearing a pretty dress, while succeeding in my occupation. Anyway, back on topic, I brought this dress from Ted Baker a while back. I feel particularly festive in this attire, I couldn’t help choosing it for this wonderful occasion. My only frustration is that as I have a rather large bust, this dress can hang from my breasts and make me look rather large. I find it is easily brought in with a thin black waist belt, which cures this problem. This dress is currently on sale for half price at tedbaker.com.
ted baker green dress

Although I take my shoes off once I get to my destination, I wanted something nice to drive in. As my dress has a lovely turquoise starburst pattern, I wanted something just plain and simple so I wouldn’t clash.  I went for the elegant style of Louboutins, to finish it off.


For my accessories, I added a little bit more glamour, just for that completed look. The cuff is from Tedbaker.com, it is currently half price at £35. The earrings, I brought from QuizClothing.com in the late Summer, currently still priced at £7.99.

ted baker cuff waterfull earrings

I finished it with a messenger bag from my all time favourite designer, Michael Kors!

black michael kors

I hope you all like my outfit, have a wonderful Christmas everyone! For those who don’t celebrate, have a lovely day instead! Best wishes everyone!