New: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hi my lovelies!,

Benefit is coming out with a brand new mascara, this comes after their worldwide success with Benefit They’re Real mascara. Part of me wonders is they could match up to their earlier success, I absolutely love the They’re Real mascara. I am not too sure when the product is actually hitting the shelves, but, all I can say is…I cannot wait!  They have absolutely topped it! I did not think Benefit could get any better, but they have proved me wrong. I adore the actual product design, it looks very vintage inspired. The handle is actually a salmon coloured rubber which unwinds into the mascara. The top of the wand has diamond imprints, which gives it a nice touch. It is easy to hold and it doesn’t irritate the hand. It curls the lashes beautifully without the need of curling them. I highly recommend this product, I am excited for their next one!

Here is what it looks like;

benefit roller lashes

Hope you all have a lovely day!