Winter Wonderland

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hi everyone!

Over the past month I have been thinking of having a change up in my furniture. I haven’t re-decorated for around five years now, it is a long time and some of the furniture is starting to fade. I ordered a few items from the Alex collection in Ikea. I have been really enjoying the idea of a contemporary bedroom. I prefer light, open space and elegant designs as overall it radiates life and happiness. I looked for while in getting a stunning boudoir chair for my dressing table, but to no avail. The ones I have come across all seemed to be made for children, although, I am 4’11. Even though I am rather short, I would like something that is actually made for an adult.

I came across an American site called Modani; cue my wonderland! I felt exquisite as I searched through all the ranges they had. Low and behold, I found my finishing piece, the royal armchair in the shade of white!


It arrived promptly and most importantly, all in one piece! It now sits in its place in front of my vanity. I enjoy the chair so much I am interested in purchasing a few more pieces from them. Great job Modani!

Have a wonderful day my lovelies!