Product Rave: i-Candy Sleek Palette

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hi everyone!

I have not done a product rave in a long time, maybe not even on this blog. There has rarely been a product which I really would like to share with people, but, I feel this is one of them. I really enjoy playing around with eye shadow palettes, you can create many different looks.

sleek candy

There are many high-end shadow palettes, they are normally in a price range from £20-£60 a time.These palettes from Sleek, are incredibly pigmented. They stay on for 12 hours at least! The colour pay off is fantastic, they as well have a range of shades to suit individual person. They are currently priced at £7.99 and you can purchase them in most department and beauty stores.

Have a great day my lovelies!