Healthy Sins: Honeycomb Crush

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hi my lovelies!

I am currently on a health kick! I have lost three pounds in these last three weeks! Although that doesn’t sound much, I am very pleased. I am doing it the sensible way so that I won’t pile weight back on. One thing I find very difficult is sweet treats! I have devised a few ways to indulge, but without the calories! So here we go for our first recipe! I call it Honeycomb Crush!

Ingredients! (To make for four people)
4 Muller Light Fat Free Yogurt – Toffee
Mini Meringues
Cadbury Crunchies

I use the fat free variety as they are the healthier version and don’t have too much sugar in. First, mix the four yoghurts into a mixing bowl. Pour it into a small container, depending on how thick you would like your frozen yoghurt. Leave it in your freezer for around an hour. Take it out and mix it all together to break up the ice crystals. Crush up some mini meringues (use as many as you like for that extra crunch!) and pop them into the creamy mixture. Chop or crush some crunchie bars and sprinkle it into the mixture. Once yo’re satisfied, level out the mixture and pop it back into the freezer overnight. If you plan to use it for dessert, pop it out of the freezer and hour before serving! Accompany it with some fresh fruit and any left over crunchies or meringue. (If there is any left!)

I hope you all enjoy and have a lovely day!