Online Dating

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hi my lovelies!

So, this topic seems to still be a bit of a taboo! I think with people having incredibly busy lives, they resort to meeting a person online. I have to admit it can be easier! There is not an awkward encounter where one of you has to go up and introduce yourself. Standing there pretending to know who you’re going to vote for in the next election, or what your life goal is, then leaving after five minutes, shamed face with a current ’emergency’. I have lost count of the amount of times I have been in this situation. I had given up on dating, for all I cared I would have a successful career and come home to a house full of cute, fluffy dogs. (See, you can still find love!)

Anyway, back onto topic. My sister had completed the application, which feels like an interrogation, I might add. She scored a lovely young man within three weeks of being online… Now, I asked myself if this was feasible? How on earth has she found someone in such a small segment of time. Here they are, seven months later, happily and smitten. I cannot say I am jealous of them, just what they have. So I thought, f**k it!

Now, my application took me for what seemed like eternity. I felt like I was signing up for a health test, endless questions which seemed to have no ounce of relevance for meeting someone. (What does it matter if I was last born?!) I was finally set up, having chosen a suitable picture, which I must say, was rather adorable. I left it and came back an hour later, I was overwhelmed by the amount of responses I received. There were a few which I was put off by, some dive in and provide you with their life story. I can respect that, but, it can be a little bit irritating.

Eventually, I had my first date in a warm, cosy coffee shop. (Yes, a quick escape if needed!) By my standards, it had gone really well. I gentle touch on his forearm, his shy touch on my waist, a fairytale ending was due. At closing time, we rose to leave and the bombshell was dropped. ‘So, would you consider gaining twenty pounds?’…Excuse me?! Had I not been dumbstruck by his words, I would have fallen to the floor in fits of laughter. Yes, he had asked me to GAIN twenty pounds in weight. I stuttered for a little bit before being completely defiant! Out was coming my feminism streak and sheer shock. I said my piece before he finished with…’if you can’t compromise this early on in our relationship, then I don’t see how this would work.’

Safe to say, I walked out and never looked back! After another two more dates, I decided it was time to stay on my own for a little while longer. Perhaps it was a good idea to meet men in person, online seemed so generic. You know the person you’re talking to is speaking to at least three other people, kind of like your fighting for their attention. Hats off to my sister, but, I for one, will stick to being single for a while longer…