Phil Smith Curling Wand Review

by TheAspiringAuthor

Hi my lovelies!

So, I am going to do a review on the Phil Smith Curling Wand! I have been looking for a good curling wand for a long time. This one is rather cheap, I got it in the sale for £11.99 but the wholesale price is £19.99. I went to my friends house to go out for the day and I thought I would test the wand out. (This was last week.) I prepared my hair with the Phil Smith Heat Defence (which I love!) and sectioned of my hair like you normally would and set to work. The wand heats up within two minutes and a green light flashes/stills to let you know it is ready. Depending on the thickness/amount of hair used, varies the length of time needed for each curl. I could curl my whole head within ten minutes. At the end of the wand there is a section for you to grab in order to get the best curl possible, which I found very handy! I sprayed on some hairspray and it lasted the whole day! I was pretty pleased with myself to say the least! When I brushed my hair the next morning my curls stayed in relatively well! I definitely recommend this product! It is marvellous!


Have a great day my lovelies!