Hello my lovlies!

Hi there, welcome to my blog! My name is Megan,  I am nineteen years of age! I currently hold down two jobs and on top of that, I am studying for a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. I would like to eventually gain a Masters. I work looking after a girl with Tuberous Sclerosis and a part time customer assistant. I am a huge supporter of charity, raising donations for Hope for Paws and the Teenage Cancer Trust. I am working to raise awareness of Tuberous Sclerosis, there isn’t a lot of funding for research, so I fund raise wherever I can. I have an adoration for all things beauty, writing, books and cinnamon coated pretzels! I believe a persons imagination is a gift and something they should treasure. Countless times I have become lost in the wonders of my imagination, it as well has helped me through some tough times in life. My career goal is to be able to publish my own writing and in turn encourage others to read and write. I have heard too many cases where reading and writing is deemed ‘uncool’, that is just someone’s opinion and mine is the complete opposite! So I aim to help encourage the younger generation to get lost in the world that is their imagination. So without further ado…Bring on the books!

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