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Phil Smith Curling Wand Review

Hi my lovelies!

So, I am going to do a review on the Phil Smith Curling Wand! I have been looking for a good curling wand for a long time. This one is rather cheap, I got it in the sale for £11.99 but the wholesale price is £19.99. I went to my friends house to go out for the day and I thought I would test the wand out. (This was last week.) I prepared my hair with the Phil Smith Heat Defence (which I love!) and sectioned of my hair like you normally would and set to work. The wand heats up within two minutes and a green light flashes/stills to let you know it is ready. Depending on the thickness/amount of hair used, varies the length of time needed for each curl. I could curl my whole head within ten minutes. At the end of the wand there is a section for you to grab in order to get the best curl possible, which I found very handy! I sprayed on some hairspray and it lasted the whole day! I was pretty pleased with myself to say the least! When I brushed my hair the next morning my curls stayed in relatively well! I definitely recommend this product! It is marvellous!


Have a great day my lovelies!


OOTD 27th August

Hi my lovelies!

Today has literally been horrendous! The weather has been completely unforgiving and if you reside in the UK, you can understand what I am talking about! Our Summer is literally over before it has even started. I am in the slow progress of replenishing my wardrobe with Autumn clothes, all the while sadly putting my Summer clothes in storage. The nights are a lot darker and more eerie. I decided to cheer myself up by lighting my Icicles candle by Yankee Candle and telling you all what I managed to pull on today!

Oasis Ana Maria Placement Tunic Top – £38

Oasis ana marie tunic top

Topshop plain black leggings – £12

black leggings

Quiz (If I remember correctly! Label worn off!) – Grey Boots – £20

grey lace up boots

I hope you all had a lovely day!

Healthy Sins: Honeycomb Crush

Hi my lovelies!

I am currently on a health kick! I have lost three pounds in these last three weeks! Although that doesn’t sound much, I am very pleased. I am doing it the sensible way so that I won’t pile weight back on. One thing I find very difficult is sweet treats! I have devised a few ways to indulge, but without the calories! So here we go for our first recipe! I call it Honeycomb Crush!

Ingredients! (To make for four people)
4 Muller Light Fat Free Yogurt – Toffee
Mini Meringues
Cadbury Crunchies

I use the fat free variety as they are the healthier version and don’t have too much sugar in. First, mix the four yoghurts into a mixing bowl. Pour it into a small container, depending on how thick you would like your frozen yoghurt. Leave it in your freezer for around an hour. Take it out and mix it all together to break up the ice crystals. Crush up some mini meringues (use as many as you like for that extra crunch!) and pop them into the creamy mixture. Chop or crush some crunchie bars and sprinkle it into the mixture. Once yo’re satisfied, level out the mixture and pop it back into the freezer overnight. If you plan to use it for dessert, pop it out of the freezer and hour before serving! Accompany it with some fresh fruit and any left over crunchies or meringue. (If there is any left!)

I hope you all enjoy and have a lovely day!

High End Lip Products and Their Drugstore Counterparts!

Hi my lovelies!

I have been trying to do this post for a while now, but have been a bit uncertain. Here it is!

MAC Mineralise Rich: Ladies Who Lunch

MAC ladies who lunchIt is a very creamy, mid-tone pink with a taint of blue undertones. It rather pigmented, although not as much as the matte shades from MAC such as Pink Nouveou. For a glossier lip I would use Ladies Who Lunch, but from the drugstore I would use Pink Punch by Maybelline Babylips. The Babylips isn’t as pigmented as MAC so there is not as much colour pay off, but it is buildable and a suitable alternative for a budget. Unlike the MAC, you need to keep re-applying the Pink Punch as it does wear off quickly. If paired with the Sleek RedSkyNight Eau La La Liner, then it would stay on a lot longer.

Pink Punch Babylips sleek REDSKYNIGHT

Online Dating

Hi my lovelies!

So, this topic seems to still be a bit of a taboo! I think with people having incredibly busy lives, they resort to meeting a person online. I have to admit it can be easier! There is not an awkward encounter where one of you has to go up and introduce yourself. Standing there pretending to know who you’re going to vote for in the next election, or what your life goal is, then leaving after five minutes, shamed face with a current ’emergency’. I have lost count of the amount of times I have been in this situation. I had given up on dating, for all I cared I would have a successful career and come home to a house full of cute, fluffy dogs. (See, you can still find love!)

Anyway, back onto topic. My sister had completed the application, which feels like an interrogation, I might add. She scored a lovely young man within three weeks of being online… Now, I asked myself if this was feasible? How on earth has she found someone in such a small segment of time. Here they are, seven months later, happily and smitten. I cannot say I am jealous of them, just what they have. So I thought, f**k it!

Now, my application took me for what seemed like eternity. I felt like I was signing up for a health test, endless questions which seemed to have no ounce of relevance for meeting someone. (What does it matter if I was last born?!) I was finally set up, having chosen a suitable picture, which I must say, was rather adorable. I left it and came back an hour later, I was overwhelmed by the amount of responses I received. There were a few which I was put off by, some dive in and provide you with their life story. I can respect that, but, it can be a little bit irritating.

Eventually, I had my first date in a warm, cosy coffee shop. (Yes, a quick escape if needed!) By my standards, it had gone really well. I gentle touch on his forearm, his shy touch on my waist, a fairytale ending was due. At closing time, we rose to leave and the bombshell was dropped. ‘So, would you consider gaining twenty pounds?’…Excuse me?! Had I not been dumbstruck by his words, I would have fallen to the floor in fits of laughter. Yes, he had asked me to GAIN twenty pounds in weight. I stuttered for a little bit before being completely defiant! Out was coming my feminism streak and sheer shock. I said my piece before he finished with…’if you can’t compromise this early on in our relationship, then I don’t see how this would work.’

Safe to say, I walked out and never looked back! After another two more dates, I decided it was time to stay on my own for a little while longer. Perhaps it was a good idea to meet men in person, online seemed so generic. You know the person you’re talking to is speaking to at least three other people, kind of like your fighting for their attention. Hats off to my sister, but, I for one, will stick to being single for a while longer…


Hi everyone!

My upmost apologies for my rather long hiatus. Unfortunately, there has been some rather upsetting family issues that I have had to deal with. I am pleased to say that now, everything has been resolved and life is back on track! I look forward to what 2015 brings and I hope it is filled with happiness for all of you!

Happy New Year!

Hello my lovelies!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I look forward to the new start, I wish to make it a positive one! I created myself 5 goals to achieve in 2015. Having the goals help me make myself happy, and achieve aims that I have always wanted to. So here are my 5 goals;

1.) Finish my first year of my Educational Psychology Degree.

Once I have completed my 4 years, I will carry on to having another 3 years completing my phd.

2.) Publish five pieces of work, i.e short stories or novels on Amazon Kindle.

I have always wanted to publish, after doing a lot of research I have found that this is the way forward.

3.) Lose 7 pounds.

I mean come on! No list is complete without this one. I know many people who have this goal. I aim to achieve this by 2016, it is not for vanity, but overall health.

4.) Fund a trip to New York.

I adore America, from the people to the food. I enjoy the atmosphere and it would be phenomenal to go for my 21st birthday!

5.) Be Happy!

I know this sounds like a cliché, but I think everyone should make this as their goal.In London, one in three people suffer from Depression. By promoting positivity and happiness, we can support those who aren’t necessarily feeling the same. I aim to make this more widespread to fight the battle against depression.

What are your resolutions?

Have a great day my lovelies!

Goodness of the Heart

This evening I came across an article which really touched my heart. A homeless gentleman offered his last £3 for someone else in need. The response from this is amazing and I am proud to say I supported this cause! Please read below for a dose of restoring faith in humanity;


Have a fantastic day my lovelies!

Hello everyone!

I would like to apologise for my lack of posts as I have been busy this past month. University and work seemed to pile up three fold! I am back and in time for Christmas. This is my favourite time of year, mulled wine and mince pies all around. I finally got my Christmas tree today and I look forward to decorating it, I think I may choose pink this year. I am rather pleased that I have actually finished My Christmas shopping already! I have yet to wrap, but I feel a sense of accomplishment that I won’t be running around like a headless chicken on Christmas eve. My biggest joy is spending it with my family, I am excited to see everyone and share stories, which is what Christmas is all about. Happy Christmas everyone!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello my lovelies!

The month of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. I feel that all forms of cancer need to be developed and a cure to be found as quickly as possible. Over 85% of people diagnosed with Breast Cancer make a healthy recovery. It can be disheartening and devastating for someone to uncover cancer, but, the most important thing, is discovering it. The sooner a person does, the higher percentage there is of treating it. I have been supporting Breast Cancer Awareness since I was 10 years old, I have done charity bakes, fundraising and shopping to donate as much as possible to helping towards a cure. I myself have recently purchased a set from Estee Lauder, in which all of the sales go towards a better future.


Have a good day everyone!